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Ermine Lair Neighborhood Association includes 489 homes as follows

Thimbleberry Road - 282 homes

Meadow Rue Place - 91 homes

Glade Mallow Road - 48 homes

Rum Cherry Road - 36 homes

Feather Foil Way - 32 homes

Fox Wander East NA info can be found at

The homes in FWENA are on Bellflower Road, Pepperbush Place, Snowberry Road, Sand Spurrey Road and Wake Robin Road.

Fox Wander West NA homes are on Teaberry Place, Woodmint Place, Penny Royal Road, Scotch Mist Way, Arrow Wood Place, Mayapple Way and Wineberry Lane.

Rosebay Road and Larkspur Drive are not located in any association.

Jenna's Forest HOA homes are located on Cherry Court, Plum Poppy Court and portions of Plum Poppy North and Plum Poppy South. Their website is

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